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Welcome to My Blog!

Who am I, what do I do, and how I got here.

An introduction to Catherine Leone, artist of Leone the Artist.

Hello Reader! My name is Catherine and art is my passion. I enjoy exploring new mediums and artistic hobbies to continually push myself beyond my comfort zones. Some of my favorite mediums are resin, acrylic and ink, clay, and digital illustration. I am self taught in these mediums, often utilizing the vastness that is social media and internet tutorials to learn new ways to use these mediums. I have been creating art since childhood with the hope of being an artist in my adult life. Based in Northern Colorado, I have started officially taking art more seriously in 2019 to turn my dreams into obtainable goals and personal expectations.

Image: 2019 showcase with Conceptions in Aurora, Colorado.

How did I get here?

If I could provide any advice for younger or beginning artists, I would say to put yourself out there and make some calls. I find that for every 6 emails I send, at least one responds with an opportunity or connection. I often will participate in events and book gigs that I would not usually be interested in because public events can open up many unexpected doors and potential clients. With the presence of social media in the art world, I would be lying if I told you I never make pieces for the algorithm. Telling you to create art for yourself and not for the likes is east to say but hard to do. Likes, shares, comments, all these things feel great and that is ok. Just make sure to give yourself kudos for the work you do, regardless of the internet fame it does or does not receive.


Ps, what is your favorite social media platform for art and why?

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