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FOCO Comic Con 2023 Debrief

A reflection on my first experience with a large, multi-day show.

How did it go?

I thought this event went well! From a personal perspective, it was so cool to see so many people with similar interests in one area and just generally supporting one another. The amount of times I had people tell me they loved my style was such an incredibly feeling, especially because having a unique style is something that I have struggled with. From a business perspective, I couldn't be more happy. When attending these events, if I am able to make my money back and then some it was worth my time and energy.

What were some high points of this event?

Honestly, my favorite part of this weekend was getting to do art trades with other creators! I love doing trades, it is easily my favorite part of any of these events. There is something truly special about finding someone who enjoys your work as much as you do theirs. Additionally, I grew up in Fort Collins and am not in town very often these days, so it was nice to get to see my childhood environment again.

Were there any lows?

I think the lowest of these events is the lead up to it actually starting. There is always so much stress and rushing around that I often forget to breathe. You worry about if you forgot something, will there be enough people to make sales to cover booth rent, will there be too many people and I'll get overwhelmed, did I pack enough snacks? The list of questions goes on and on, but once the event kicks off its never as bad as you anticipate.

Was anything a surprise?

I was surprised at the number of people, in the sense that there was both more and less than I expected. As the title shows, I have never vended at an event this big, so I was extremely nervous about having enough product. Compared to city art walks, I was expecting a swarm of people. Seeing everyone this weekend was surprising because it's crazy to see so many people with similar interests in one space, so in that sense I was surprised at how many people attended. However, I expected to be incredibly overwhelmed with business. Trust me, I am not complaining about smooth sailing! I do think I was stressing myself out for no reason though.

What do you want to remember for next time?

I never bring enough snacks or water, I need to remind myself just how many hours are actually going into these events. On an average 9 hour day, you cannot survive successfully off applesauce, granola bars, Monster, and a single water bottle. This is something I constantly overlook.

Thanks for reading my recap!

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