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The Importance of Creating a Space for You

Why do you need a space for yourself? Because, you're worth it.

Creativity can come and go, often times I will find myself caught up in an artist block. Sometimes the lighting isn't right, sometimes I can't get comfortable. Sometimes there is too much or too little noise, and sometimes, it just doesn't feel right. Dedicating a space where you can unapologetically be you and have the physical and mental space to deal with these hurtles can benefit you in the long run.

Of course I will acknowledge this is not always available to you. I am very privileged to be able to afford an extra room in my living space to dedicate to myself and my art. Before this was a possibility, I would find a small nook in my house or claim my favorite spot on the couch and completely immerse myself into myself. Knowing your needs is a key component of this task. Some things I have found helpful are:

  • Noise canceling headphones.

  • A favorite lofi channel.

  • Comfy clothes and a blanket if desired.

  • A set of my favorite pencils or pens.

  • A snack and a drink.

Setting the mood around me will often make it easier for me to create. I find that if I am comfortable, safe, and unbothered, I will create more freely. Going out into public is a great way to also gain personal space. As an introvert who experienced a lot of anxiety from the pandemic, I had a really hard time with this at first. It can be hard to go outside of your comfort zone, but I have found that you are mostly left alone when you are out in public. Some comforting places to create outside of the home are:

  • Libraries.

  • Coffee or Tea Shops.

  • Diners or restaurants with low traffic so you can be at your own booth or table.

  • Park picnic tables or covered areas.

  • Nature reserves if this is accessible to you.

Don't forget: taking time and space for yourself is okay. You are allowed to be selfish, in the best way, because you and your art are worth it.

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